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Helping New Policy Holders Understand Their Coverage

The changing landscape in health insurance is providing coverage for millions of people who never had health insurance before, but these changes also mean there are millions of new policyholders who have lots of questions. Aetna’s member website outlines health tools and discounts as well as plan information to members. The abundance of information can be overwhelming to members, which may lead them to give up and not return to the member site. Aetna Individual Market came to Mad*Pow looking for a way to help these new policyholders by providing them with a welcoming, easy-to-use informational microsite to guide them gently, yet confidently into the world of health insurance coverage.

Project Highlights

  • Made immediate use of Aetna’s extensive existing user research to quickly develop design concepts
  • Catered to different learning styles by delivering key messages through print and embedded video
  • Tied messaging into multiple contact streams via post card and email marketing designs
  • Delivered a responsive, turnkey solution through a simple Content Management System

Meeting the Challenge

The net was cast wide for the initial design concepts but the team kept coming back with the Less Is More mantra. There was so much “cool stuff” to incorporate into the designs, but maintaining the spirit of the new site by providing a respite from the seemingly complex world of health insurance was the best approach. The crux of the site is to convey to new members “we’re glad you’re here, now let’s help you get the most out of your plan”. Keeping the designs beautiful and interesting while staying grounded in our mission of simplicity was an appreciated challenge.

You’ve Got This

Light, friendly, enthusiastic, and reassuring was the vibe Mad*Pow sought for the site copy and video content. New members should feel that they had just been personally welcomed to a plan that they could relate to and easily weave into their lives. A brief video now complements the informational website to welcome these new members to the Aetna family. It introduces and defines the most basic insurance terminology (e.g. deductible), and touches briefly on some of the ways that the member portal can help them make the most of their health plan. Straightforward, plain language is used to explain how to find specifics about their coverage on the Aetna member website, how to track claims, and how to take advantage of the many time-and-money-saving tools available to members.

Simplify, Simplify

By engaging Mad*Pow, Aetna’s Individual Market team was able to provide new clients with the desired soft entry into the complicated world of insurance in a pleasing and helpful way. The informational microsite (Welcome to Aetna) features key tools and resources of the secure Aetna member website, making the content less overwhelming and more digestible. Within one month of completing the site, two other Aetna markets requested similar informational microsites for their members.

Client Quote

“The Mad*Pow team I worked with was always on top of the project and responsive. In the end, we are going to give the informational microsite more exposure than originally planned, because the content was presented in an easily digestible way that will be beneficial to Aetna’s members.”– Sylvia Laabs, Aetna IVL Marketing

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Helping New Policy Holders Understand Their Coverage


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