Remote Patient Care Designed to Save Time and Money

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) partnered with Mad*Pow to refine their Virtual Visit experience, for patients, providers and administrators. With Virtual Visits patients don’t have to go to their doctor’s office for every routine follow-up appointment or every time they get a cold. The patient and their care team can communicate through this secure and responsive web portal, accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Project Highlights:

  • Research proves need for mobile accessibility
  • Responsive design adjusts to the device
  • Welcoming tone supports recurring use

Convenient long-term, and routine care

Many studies have shown that certain medical conditions can be taken care of just as safely using online appointments in place of some face-to-face visits. Virtual Visits aren’t meant to replace all in-person appointments. Patients always have the option to see a doctor face to face, but some people would rather not come into their doctor’s office for long-term routine care for conditions such as hypertension, IBS, or depression.

Fast, online help for unexpected minor sicknesses

In addition to handling continuing care for known conditions, MGH Virtual Visits also provides a new way to deal with acute illnesses like the flu, or allergies. The clinician reviews a simple questionnaire identifying a patient’s symptoms and responds with a care plan within one business day.

Responsive web design encourages mobile access

Our research showed that increasingly both patients and providers wanted to access Virtual Visits when they were away from a computer. Using responsive web design, the system adapts to the device the user is on, and is both visually appealing and functional, even on a tablet or smartphone screen.

On the provider side, we illustrated how “seeing” more patients via Virtual visits would save the practice time and ultimately lower costs. On the patient side, we showcased the convenience, speed, and efficiency of handling some of their routine visits via Virtual Visits. The team balanced the tasks of establishing trust and clinical credibility with a more human and friendly tone and style for the whole user experience, and encouraged repeat future engagement.


The virtual visit program is currently in use within all primary care practices at MGH as well as select specialty practices, and its success and utilization continues to grow.

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Remote Patient Care Designed to Save Time and Money


MGH Virtual Visits Site
James Christie Director, Experience Design   Contact James
Kris Aubuchon Senior Visual Designer
Megan Grocki Experience Strategy Director
Brandon Baselice Senior Art Director

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