Homecare EMR: Improving Efficiency and Lowering Stress for Traveling Nurses

McKesson, America’s oldest and largest healthcare provider, wanted to provide nurses visiting hospices and homes with a better way of capturing large amounts of critical patient information. It partnered with Mad*Pow to design and build a tablet app that would simplify data entry, improve care, and reduce the stress of nurses. We designed an experience that dramatically shrunk admission and documentation times, allowed nurses to better prep for visits by seeing clinical trends, and increased conversion rates and customer retention.

Project highlights:

  • Field research to see firsthand the challenges of visiting nurses
  • Development of a process flow that mirrored real world visits
  • Streamlined data entry by pre-populating fields
  • Display of clinical trend data to improve visits preparation
  • Enabling photo attachment to personalize visits and aid recall
  • Soothing colors and a stunning design to make it enjoyable to use the app

Research Enabled Reimagining Time-Consuming and Stressful Activities

To design the app, we needed deep understanding of not only current processes and demands, but of the stressful environment faced by visiting nurses every day. Our UX team went into the field and watched the nurses—how they interacted with patients and then how they spent hours filling out the 120 questions required for each visit. Our solution began by building a process flow that matched actual visits. Next, we identified data fields that could be pre-populated to allow real-time entry, incorporated clinical data to help nurses quickly understand health trends, and added the ability to append photos to make it easier for nurses to remember interactions. Our team then chose colors and a design that made the solution both functional and beautiful.

Happier, More Productive Nurses Led to Better Sales and Retention

By delivering a mobile solution that significantly improved the lives of nurses—enabling better care and eliminating hours of tedious post-visit data entry—we also helped increase conversion rates, boost customer retention, and further differentiate the company in a competitive market.


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Homecare EMR: Improving Efficiency and Lowering Stress for Traveling Nurses


Collaborating with McKesson
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