Connecting Women with High-Quality Midwifery

Maternity Neighborhood believes that good care starts with relationships and communication. That’s why the company’s user-configurable digital tools are designed to strengthen the connection between women and their care providers. The company hired Mad*Pow to boost the maternity care experience by enhancing Maternity Neighborhood’s online tools to improve workflows for communication between midwives and their patients.

Project Highlights:

  • Qualitative interviews with stakeholders and providers
  • Designed a self-service scheduling tool
  • Created a customer relationship management and outreach tool

Efficient Patient Scheduling

The primary users of Maternity Neighborhood tools are hospital-based midwives who collaborate with OB/GYN staff to deliver in hospitals. Other users included home-based or birth center midwives and pregnant women seeking midwifery maternity care.

One of the biggest issues Mad*Pow uncovered during interviews with midwives and patients was patient scheduling. Time is precious for everyone, and providers want to reduce the number of no-shows and double-booked appointments. Mad*Pow created a more efficient scheduling function for Maternity Neighborhood that automates back-and-forth between client and provider, while allowing default settings for “typical” pregnancies.

Improved Financial Health

Mad*Pow discovered that many midwifery practices spent inordinate amounts of time with billing and collection issues. Our enhancements to their tools helped to increase and improve billing capabilities, allowing practices to collect fees more quickly and with greater success. As a result, midwives can spend more time with their clients instead of managing their businesses.

Enhanced Relationships between Appointments

Our enhancements to Maternity Neighborhood’s tools also helped to increase the number of clients who opt-in to provider newsletters and other forms of outreach. This improved stream of communication helps to fortify the bond between midwives and their clients and empowers clients to be more proactive about their care.

Shared Decision Making

Thanks to Mad*Pow, Maternity Neighborhood is able to foster evidence-based shared decision making, deepening the connection between providers and the women they serve. We also helped our client pave the way for a new style of community-based midwifery care, by allowing them to integrate and exchange information with traditional healthcare systems through existing hospital-based EHR systems.

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Connecting Women with High-Quality Midwifery


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