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Tuning a New Website Launch

State Street Global Advisors works in the highly regulated, fast-moving world of institutional finance and is constantly competing for the attention of their constituency. SSGA serves a vast audience, creating and managing investment strategies for non-profit foundations, businesses, corporations, associations, and governments, among others. In addition to institutional services, SSGA produces investment vehicles for the retail market in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. SSGA’s target audience is time-starved and suffers a barrage of industry noise competing for their attention and ultimately their business. The website is a key asset in helping to win over a conservative sales target that doesn’t often change providers.

When SSGA approached Mad*Pow, they had recently launched their flagship website on a new publishing platform. And while they accomplished a lot of key objectives with the new release, it was clear the website architecture could be further improved to serve user needs.

SSGA recognized the opportunity to further tune their newly designed website, and Mad*Pow was glad to help.

This was not a full-blown redesign. This was refining an existing and newly launched architecture and design -- which is in many ways more difficult. Our mission began with building a better understanding of the goals of SSGA with respect to the website, as well as the goals of its customer.

Mad*Pow spent the formative phase of the project meeting with stakeholders throughout the organization to validate alignment and drive consensus around the website’s key functions. Through this early discovery, we were able to validate the needs of SSGA for the website:
  • Support the complex sales process which sometimes takes 18 months or more (Why SSGA?)
  • Showcase SSGA’s talented thought-leaders, building on already strong market credibility [Drive Trust]
  • Drive product information for visitors [Drive Sales]

More importantly, Mad*Pow spent time with SSGA prospects and clients to get a better understanding of their needs. Through a series of interviews, we were able to help SSGA remain laser-focused on the user audience. A site strategy based around accomplishing top tasks and providing sought-after content would result in a site that was easier to understand, simpler to use, and better for building trust.

Adding to the challenge, we were asked to provide a UX-designed product that could be implemented with relatively low operational impact. Mad*Pow worked closely with SSGA technologists to create a framework for code delivery that minimized impact and matched internal standards, helping ensure new designs could make it to market without production-related friction.

Ultimately, Mad*Pow delivered designs that were on-standard and validated with users, ensuring we were on the mark.

Through the development of a few simple, key templates, modestly-sized internal teams could make vast improvements to key areas of the website without requiring an army of IT resources to implement. And while we continue to work together to enhance the experience, the result of our initial work together was a clean, streamlined flow that’s thoughtfully improved the user experience for SSGA clients and prospects alike.

Mad*Pow has extended our work to include a focus on the SPDR ETF product and its requisite digital experience, continuing to chip away at experience-related issues.

SSGA and Mad*Pow have had a productive, multi-year relationship through a number of engagements. Together we’ve uncovered actionable insights to continue to drive change for SSGA and support brand objectives. We’ve been able to artfully deliver quick wins to build and maintain momentum as the website continues to grow and evolve.

With recent newsworthy events such as the Fearless Girl, SSGA continues to be distinguished as an innovator in a crowded and conservative world of financial services.

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State Street Global Advisors
Tuning a New Website Launch

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