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Simplifying Healthcare Payments For The Provider and Their Patients

ZirMed, one of healthcare’s premier health information connectivity and management solutions companies, had a vision to provide its customers with easy access to operational and transactional metrics. The company partnered with Mad*Pow to design a new experience/concept for ZirMed’s suite of Reporting & Analytics tools. Because ZirMed provides an enormous amount of data to its customers, implementing a simplified system for categorizing, manipulating and exporting information was essential. It was also critical to offer a set of reporting tools that would provide users the ability to derive meaningful analysis through the trending and day-to-day status of their organizations operational and financial data.

Project highlights:

  • Design Studio Method generated a concept
  • Stakeholder interviews established the main focus
  • Customer interviews explored specific needs and wants

Research Framework Drives Prototype Direction

We began with a 2 day Design Studio to establish a concept for the project and continued with interviews. Stakeholder interviews were essential in helping to establish the project’s direction, while Customer interviews allowed our team to explore the specific needs and wants of ZirMed’s customers. We integrated comparative research techniques -- exploring where data came from and what kind of data it was -- with experience definition focusing on detailed interaction, discovery and refinement of data.

Interactive Prototype Becomes a Key Business Partner

The analytic dashboard effectively helps manage day-to-day finances and operations by allowing multiple views of specific information as well as providing the ability to share and export information. Also, by providing “smart” suggestions based on past data and customer preferences, and by offering the customer an interactive means of reporting using interactive graphs and informative alerts, this tool is guaranteed to improve provider operations, and ultimately establish ZirMed as an essential component of the provider business.


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