Collaboration is the New Innovation - Themes from the Health 2.0 Conference

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Health 2.0
gathers together many of the world’s leading health innovators and entrepreneurs to present their technologies, investors who are looking to identify the next promising company to fund, and large health organizations who are seeking to understand what is coming next and how they might weave the latest in technological innovation into their offerings. Startups at Health 2.0 are seeking to get their technologies into the hands of as many patients and clinicians as possible by partnering with pharmaceutical, insurance, and provider organizations who have access to these populations and can help them scale. During the conference, there is exciting matchmaking activity occurring between startups and investors and startups and large health organizations.

The “New Landscape for Digital Diagnosis and Remote Care” panel I moderated at Health 2.0 featured companies Tyto Care, Ceeable, Teckel Medical, and Cloud Diagnostics. These companies are pioneering technologies that bring care into the home and make diagnosis less expensive and more portable. As care extends outside the four walls of the hospital and is delivered in our homes, neighborhoods, and places of employment, it quickly becomes clear that these organizations could partner together to provide a suite of tools and services that could be provided.

A consumer may interact digitally with their insurance company, pharmaceutical company, health system, pharmacy, and other applications and tools. There are a myriad of one off solutions, many of which have proven benefits.

However, these solutions need to connect for the patient and clinician so that they are not left to piece disparate solutions together on their own. Jonathan Bush put it well when he said, "The world is done with digital medicine. We need network medicine." Athena Health's Unbreak Healthcare movement is focused on delivering on that vision.

And we are starting to see movement in this direction at the Health 2.0 conference and in the industry in general. Organizations and startups in a given space are beginning to align creating opportunities for collaboration and coalitions of product and service offerings to be formed. For example, Health 2.0 hosted a code-a-thon in San Francisco last weekend before Health 2.0 exploring what technologies could be built to help seniors manage their health care and costs combining the capabilities and API’s of FDB, Pokitdok, and Humana.

Dr. Karen DeSalvo, acting assistant secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services discussed Public Health 3.0, an HHS initiative to leverage data, connection, and collaboration to address the determinants of health that will help us create healthier communities. Startups and large health organizations in related spaces who partner together to create a combined offering, service layer, or platform approach as opposed to competing for time and resources may be more likely to provide value to the audiences they serve and achieve their objectives in commercialization and scale.

Some great examples of this innovation through collaboration are, the winners from the “A Bill You Can Understand” design and innovation challenge, who were announced today at Health 2.0. The challenge, which was administered by Mad*Pow in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human services, and financed byAARP, was intended to draw national attention to a common complaint within the healthcare system – that medical bills and the medical billing process are a source of confusion for patients.

The challenge engaged patients throughout the process, promoted ahuman-centered design approach, drew more than 80 entries from across the country, and produced a number of innovative approaches to help patients manage the financial aspect of their healthcare.

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By: Amy Cueva

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