Mad*Pow Webinar: Research & Design: Collaboration that Delivers Person-Centered Solutions

Research and design go together like peanut butter and jelly… or peanut butter and chocolate… or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff… come to think of it, peanut butter and research go with almost anything! Including those we are designing for in the design process is always a core ingredient to inspire and inform the creation of great experiences for the people we serve.

Sometimes it can be tricky to achieve the perfect blend of research and design. This is especially true when each is happening in completely separate, siloed teams, or even trickier, when they are being performed by the same person. In our organization, we have a lot of experience finding that key balance between the benefits of separate teams and the advantages of close collaboration. We work to find the sweet spot in the middle of the research-design venn diagram.

How can we maximize the power of both design and research roles whether they’re sitting just across the office, in separate buildings, or inside the same brain? This webinar will cover the helpful tips and common pitfalls to avoid that we’ve learned from experience to be keys achieving a “Goldilocks - just right” blend of research and design.

We’ll provide examples to help you facilitate better research if you’re a designer, facilitate better design if you’re a researcher, and facilitate better collaboration for both roles, as well as how project leaders can support striking this balance. We will also discuss how to help the entire team develop a deep empathy and understanding for the target audience.

Some of the techniques we’ll highlight for researchers include understanding your designers’ process, learning and sharing their vocabulary, and understanding how to create applicable output that will improve designers’ work. We’ll touch on the various ways a designer can find opportunities for research beyond the typical usability study.

Ultimately these insights can help ensure both perspectives are represented in your approach and the experiences you create.


By: Jen Briselli, Kim Dowd

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Contributed by:
Jen Briselli Managing Director, Experience Strategy & Design   Contact Jen
Kim Dowd Experience Research Director

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