Mad*Pow Webinar: What's so Smart About Intelligent Content

When your son spikes a 102 degree fever, you rush to the internet, looking for relevant information as quickly as possible. It may be less important, but you feel the same urgency when looking for the exact lawnmower you saw at the store, or finding the right video to watch, or signing up for online bill payments. Each of these scenarios is an opportunity for us step beyond solving someone’s needs to actually anticipate them beforehand.. And in the process to actually pre-empt some of the problems our users may be trying to solve. The ability to anticipate the user’s every need is becoming more and more important, and even expected – just consider Amazon, who is now shipping customers items they have not yet purchased based on previous buying patterns.

In this webinar, Experience Designer Jen Briselli and Content Strategist Marli Mesibov will explore the magic behind this type of anticipatory design. We’ll dig into what it means to “put in metadata,” how semantic search works, and where the line falls between personalization and invasion-of-privacy.

Here’s how we’ll go about it:
-We’ll look at the familiar (customer) side of anticipatory design.
-Then we'll flip it on its head to look at the back end.
-Next we'll break that down into best practices (i.e. How YOU can do this at home).
-Finally we’ll walk through a case study of how a specific project moved from research, through design, and into implementation – and what the customers thought once they saw it.
"What's so Smart About Intelligent Content"
Jen Briselli & Marli Mesibov - Mad*Pow Webinar


By: Jen Briselli, Marli Mesibov

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Jen Briselli Managing Director, Experience Strategy & Design   Contact Jen

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