Mad*Pow Webinar: Engagement Is Everything-How To Apply Psychology to Improve Digital Experiences

Why are some digital experiences utterly engaging—addicting, even—and others can’t hold people’s attention for more than a few minutes (we’re looking at you, employer-mandated health risk assessments)? In a world where there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the health and wellness category alone, an engaging experience is a must to win space on someone’s smartphone. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the behavior science behind motivation to uncover some of the qualities of truly engaging digital experiences.

We begin with an understanding of what it means to be engaged, and how to decide what level of engagement is needed for a particular experience. Then, we dive into a robust and well-researched theory of motivation, self-determination theory, to understand what makes certain experiences stick. It’s all about identifying and pushing the “levers of motivation” by designing for the fundamental psychological needs that make people tick. Behavior Change Design Director Amy Bucher, Ph.D., will walk through industry-best examples of engaging digital experiences ranging from video games to educational tools to health interventions. She’ll offer a list of best practices for each of the key levers of motivation: autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Learn how to super-charge your digital products with psychology.

"Engagement Is Everything-How To Apply Psychology to Improve Digital Experiences"
Amy Bucher - Mad*Pow Webinar


By: Amy Bucher

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