Highlights from the Journal of Health Podcast

I had 20 unscheduled minutes today, and thankfully Amy Cueva had mentioned her participation in a recent podcast with the Journal of Health Design.

Plugged in the headphones and got more than 20 minutes’ worth!

Human-centered design, purpose-driven design, organizational design all were touched on in brief, but in compelling ways.

Things I found motivating:

• Every Mad*Pow client has specific goals, and Mad*Pow designers set out to “Meet their needs and make an impact in their lives and thereby also generate business results.”

• “If an organization is a mess on the inside, then the resulting (design) experience is going to be a mess as well. So, we look at process, policy, culture…everything that will affect people in the organization and their ability to work well together and deliver positive experiences, then ask ‘What should those experiences be?’”

• “We’re designing tools and interventions to help people understand the ramifications of the choices they make, but also how they can get to that version of their ideal self. We believe everyone wants to be the best version of themselves.”

• Mad*Pow is advocating for “who do you serve, what impact do you want to make on their lives?” and “How do you design your business to deliver that impact while simultaneously earning a profit?”

It’s worth your time to listen.


By: Karl Swanson

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