Yahoo Finance: Study Shows Users of Digital Mental Health Experience Eighteen Times Greater Reduction in Depression Within Only Two Weeks

Article originally published on Yahoo Finance...

DENVER, May 5, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- New research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, Research Protocols shows those who used myStrength's digital mental health tools had eighteen times greater reduction in depressive symptoms within only two weeks of use as compared to the control group.

In a unique collaboration, myStrength, Inc., a digital behavioral health company, along with a large, national, healthcare payer and one of its employer-customers, completed a randomized control trial (RCT) investigating how employers can use digital programs to help employees manage depressive symptoms in a self-help, non-clinical, real-world setting.

About the Study

Employees were invited to participate in a prospective, RCT to assess the effectiveness of myStrength at reducing depression in the workplace. Additionally, all eligible and consenting study participants were open-minded to health and wellness treatments.

Participants who opted-in were randomized to either the intervention group receiving immediate access to the full myStrength program, or to the active control group receiving a series of informational e-mails about depression, followed by access to the full program at the end of the study.

Those participants receiving immediate access to the full myStrength program were offered an array of evidence-based, digital behavioral therapy resources and tools to manage depressive symptoms and overall emotional health. myStrength's web and mobile-based content provided participants with access to cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, behavioral activation and acceptance and commitment therapy plus interactive eLearning modules, tailored health and wellness information and individualized activities. Employees using the digital program also received regular e-mails with evidence-based tips and encouragement.

Read the full article on Yahoo Finance...
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