Jennifer SmerdelExperience Strategist
Jennifer Smerdel Experience Strategist
Jennifer is gluten intolerant, but that’s not all. She also won’t stand for bad user experience, and that’s what makes her a perfect fit as one of Mad*Pow’s Experience Strategist.

Jennifer combines her analytical thinking and creativity to help our clients overcome roadblocks and reach solutions. Her main role is creating new, innovative services and strategies for companies to understand the people they serve, and improve their products, services, and processes. She focuses on solving problems in new, interesting ways, and doing so with the use of participatory design to truly understand people and their needs. She is most passionate about tackling mental health, addiction, and overall wellness in the future utilizing people-centered methods and research.

As a recent pre-med student at Indiana University, Jennifer felt the medical field stifled her creativity and independent thinking. She turned to graphic design as a creative, expressive outlet and from there, she completed her graduate program in people-centered design and research and made the move from Indiana to our Boston office to put theory into practice here at Mad*Pow. Her proudest moment in design was when she co-designed a pilot program for, and with, at-risk urban youth to assess their talents and interests in order to create actionable future goals framed around increasing their self-fulfillment or happiness.

When she is not in the Mad*Pow office you can find her exploring Massachusetts excitedly (as she is an Indiana transplant), going wine tasting, binging Law & Order SVU, reading every true crime book she can get her hands on, and cooking up the best gluten-free recipes Pinterest has to offer.

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