Tanya ScalesCreative Technologist

Tanya Scales has set her sight on changing the way people live their lives through design and development. For her, web development is the perfect blend of creativity, innovation, structure and logic. As a Creative Technologist here at Mad*Pow, she’s excited to make a positive impact in healthcare and education--but her yearning to improve experiences doesn't stop there.

Tanya wants to tackle some of the challenges pilots face in the airline industry. Given the opportunity, Tanya would be at the forefront of redesigning an application pilots use for scheduling purposes, called FLICA. Her keen interest in creating solutions for it’s difficult navigation system, and lack of responsive or mobile-friendly capabilities only scratches the surface.

Tanya’s pursuit of web design and development at Full Sail University not only led her to Mad*Pow (which we’re beyond excited that it did) it also became one of her biggest achievements. She not only earned a four-year degree (B.S. in Web Design & Development) in 2.5 years, she graduated as the Salutatorian and received Course Director awards. Before that she wore many hats at Become A Better Trader Inc., and flexed her managerial skills at Dynamic Health & Wellness.

We’re not surprised that Tanya’s inquisitive and explorative mind-set extends beyond Mad*Pow’s doors. Outside of the office she is either looking to take helicopter and horseback riding lessons, learn how to surf, or satisfying her inner foodie and beer enthusiast around the globe.
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